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In 2011 I founded the game development studio Toxic Blob Ltd with the purpose of creating fun and innovative games.  Sin or Win was our first published game and this was the first trailer released.

Cavemen are tumbling to their fiery doom - help save them! Flick the cavemen to safety into the fluffy clouds. Earn big points by WINNING. Oh, you’re NOT playing to win? You’re playing to sin? So be it. Crisp those cavemen by dropping them into the fiery pit of doom. Earn big points by SINNING. Either way, be careful. When the pit is full, it’s game over.

Sin or Win is an addictive game that’s easy to grasp, yet tricky to master. Use your fingers to flick, juggle and bounce cavemen through the air. When the sun goes down, prepare for trouble. Don’t just stand by; attack that UFO, defend yourself from the storm cloud and evade those bombs on balloons!

★ Highlights ★
• Simple, intuitive and fun gameplay
• Awesome point multipliers when saving/sinning multiple cavemen
• Never a loser, you’re either a sinner or a winner
• Superb soundtrack inspired by global tribal rhythms
• Beautiful high-resolution artwork
• Innovative hint system, just twist your iPad

★ Reviews ★
148Apps (4.5/5) “One of the most addictive games on the iPad”

Touch Arcade (3.5/5) “Unlike any puzzle title I've seen… I think it’s a special game, I think people are really going to like it”

Games Day Podcast (5/5) “Discovering new ways of scoring big points and extending gameplay is rewarding! An easy recommendation. Definitely check it out!”

G4 (Game of the Week) “An absolute blast. That dragon hiding out in the clouds is a caveman-crisping jerk, though.”

Apps24H “...will leave gamers desperately clawing at the screen… this addictive game is too much fun to ignore.”

Girls Gone Gadgets “It’s super, super cool”

Designed & Developed by

Jamie Mccarter


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