Jamie McCarter
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Directed by

Ben Hibon

VFX & Animation

One Of Us Ltd.

VFX Supervisor

Dominic Parker

I wasn’t able to be in the UK during this production, so I modelled, rigged & animated the horse remotely.  Every few days I Skyped with the director, Ben Hibon, and VFX supervisor, Dominic Parker to talk about direction and to share my progress.  Due to the time difference we would chat at the end of their day, I would work and submit the results so that when they came in the next morning it was waiting for them.  They’d review and email me feedback, so that when I woke I could tweak and send them a new version by the end of their day.

Technical Lead

CG Supervisor

Lead Animator


Lead Compositor


Concept/Matte Artists

Character Design

Colour Grading

Texture Artist

VFX Producer

CG Artists

Pipeline Supervisor

James Healy

Stephen Murphy

Michael Mellor

Han-Ter Park

Jamie McCarter

Jonathan Topf

Lewis Saunders

Andrew Hodgen

Pat Wong

Alexis Liddell

Zsolt Balogh

Ben Hibon

Tom Debenham

Richard Hopkins

Emma Ibbeston

Samuel J Walsh

Frank Engen

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