Jamie McCarter
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Aardman Animations


On the Kelloggs Multi-Grain Cornflakes advert, rigged roosters & developed feather creation scripts to speed deployment of hundreds of animatable & dynamic feathers

Double Negative

Rigging, Scripting, Character Pipeline Development

For Roland Emerich's 10,000 B.C. blockbuster, rigged the vulture & contributed rigging to the saver-toothed tiger


Rigging, Scripting, Modelling, Rendering, Compositing

On The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy responsible for liaising with Hammer & Tongs and overseeing animation production. Animated & rigged stylised characters.  Wrote custom RenderMan shaders & pipeline tools

On a Honda Civic advert, rigged the car, modelled set dressings, wrote custom pipeline scripts for render pass management, & composited the shots

On Beck’s E-Pro music video, animated several zombie skeletons

Zombie Flesh Eaters

Rigging, Character Animation,  Modelling, Lighting

Modelled & textured for a Gorillaz advert

On Eidos' Hitman game advert, modelled and rigged characters. Textured and lit environments, optimising for speed

Peerless Camera Company

Lead Animator, Scripting

Oversaw several animators on Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm.  Developed an amorphous character rig.  Also developed pipeline tools

Double Negative

Lead Character TD, Character Animator

For Tomb Raider II, rigged the tiger shark utilising procedural & key-framed animation. Developed numerous Mel scripts to facilitate character set-up and animator work flow.  Developed universal character rigs utilising switch-able IK / FK chains with support for both key-framed and motion capture animation.

Cinesite Europe

Technical Director, Character Animator

For James Bond: Die Another Day developed RenderMan shaders to simulate raytracing, subsurface scattering and translucence

Spin Productions


Guru Studio


Spin Entertainment


Rigging, Character Animation, Modelling, Lighting

Developed character rigs, animated scenes, wrote RenderMan shaders and lit environments for a variety of productions and a variety of companies on various commercial projects

Axis Animations

Rigging & Animation

Rigged and animated the titular character for the Killzone 2 introduction cinematic

One of Us

Rigging & Animation

Pre-visualisation on Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life film

storm studios

Director, VFX & Animation Supervisor

Animation Supervisor on the Troll Hunter film

Director on the Subaru Outback 2010 advert

Co-director & VFX Supervisor on the Beerenberg advert

VFX Supervisor on Farris advert

VFX Supervisor on a creature pipeline development project

one of Us

Modelling, rigging, Animation

Modelled, rigged & animated the horse for the intro sequence of Mirror Mirror



Designed and developed highly rated iOS game, “Sin or Win

curriculum vitae


Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technology

Classical Animation

1996 – 1998

Director, VFX & Animation Supervisor @ Storm Studios

I worked closely with Jamie for a while and I have to say that he is a brilliant artist. His knowledge in our field is just absolutely fantastic since he's been there from the beginning and has a variety of solutions for problems that may arise in production.

If you happen to have the chance of working with Jamie then I advise you to take that opportunity, you will not regret it!

September 28, 2010

Jimmy Johansson, 3D Technical Director
reported to Jamie at Storm Studios

“I have worked with Jamie for well over a year and I have always appreciated his professionalism and skill set. He has a great way of finding solutions to challenges and is a very technical artist. At the same time he has a very good eye and a great understanding of shape and anatomy. I hope I'll be able to work with him for a long time.”

May 12, 2010

Martin Andersson, Lead Modeler, Animator

reported to Jamie at Storm Studios

“Jamie has a deep knowledge about his work and executes it with passion and professionalism.”

April 25, 2010

Morten Moen, VFX Supervisor / Compositor
worked directly with Jamie at Storm Studios

Technical Director @ Aardman Animations

“I worked with Jamie on a complex and stressful project at Aardman. He was efficient, professional and delivered what was needed on time and with the minimum of supervision. I would be happy to work with Jamie again in the future.”

April 27, 2010

Philip Child, Technical Director / CG supervisor
managed Jamie at Aardman Animations

Character TD @ Double Negative

“A really nice guy to work with; Approachable, and in possession of a playful sense of humour. Jamie is also very knowledgeable, bringing a wealth of experience as an Animator and a Rigger to bear on the day to day tasks and problems of the Character TD!”

November 2, 2008

Theo Facey, Creature TD
worked directly with Jamie at Double Negative

Lead Animator @ Peerless Camera Company

“It was a pleasure working with Jamie and I look forward to the next project we're able to collaborate on. He is an extremely capable animator who's technical ability gives him the flexibility to solve many tasks independently while still be a strong team player.”

September 21, 2008

Colin Doncaster, Lead Technical Director
worked directly with Jamie at Peerless Camera Company

Character TD & Character animator @ Double Negative

“Jamie is an artist with a rare blend of technical and classic artistic skills. His natural ability in animation allowed him to drive the development and usability of the creature rig for TR2 to a much higher level - and his technical abilities helped him to create the very best art possible - and on time.
I enjoyed working with Jamie at Double Negative, as well as at Cinesite before that.”

April 25, 2010

Eric Petey, Animator
worked directly with Jamie at Double Negative

Technical Director & Character animator @ Cinesite Europe

“Jamie was awesome and multi talented. despite being canadian, eh.”

February 15, 2007

Andy Whittock, R&D
worked directly with Jamie at Cinesite Europe